What is the maximum   number of students in a


The maximum number of students in a class is 35. We do try to follow the Ministry of Education's guideline where possible.

Will the teacher assist my child with the homework/ assignment?

Yes, the teacher provides guidelines to complete the homework. We encourage students to contact their form teacher if they need further assistance or clarification.

If my child is sick and has a valid medical certificate, will there be a make-up lesson for him/ her?

There will not be any make-up classes for missed lessons. The teacher will provide additional assistance to complete the missed lessons during the class.

What qualifications do UDSS teachers have?

  • Degree-holders and above with teaching   experience
  • Experience with the current curriculum comparable to the MT languages taught in mainstream school
  • Certified Urdu GCE ‘A’ Level holders

Does UDSS provide any training for its teachers?

All teaching staff undergo compulsory trainings as well as attend workshops to keep pace with any changes in school. Teachers are also trained on how to manage their class and disciplinary issues.

Are UDSS learning materials MOE-approved?

  • Academic materials for Primary 1 to JC1 are developed by the BTTSAL which follows MOE's guidelines.
  • Supplementary materials, model and past year exam papers are also given to prep students before their exam
  • Additional classes will be arranged for ‘O’   Level and ‘A’ Level students in October/ early November





What is the minimum age for admission?


Minimum age is 6 years, however this is subject to Management’s discretion. Your child needs to be sufficiently toilet-trained and should be able to sit through the lesson.

What should I do if my child refuses to attend the school or has fears/ nightmares?

Be calm and direct with your child. Emphasize all the fun he/ she will have. Reassure your child that he/ she will soon settle down in the new environment and make new friends. Meet up with your child's teacher to discuss ways to help your child overcome his/ her fears. By meeting with the teacher and speaking positively about the school and teacher, your child will gain confidence.

Should I bring my child for the admission?

If you are registering early on in the day (8.30am) then do bring your child along as he/she will be allowed to join the class.

What are the documents needed during registration?

You are required to produce the following documents:

  1. Photocopy of *MOE approval letter for studying Urdu as second language, if applicable.
  2. Photocopy of child's Birth Certificate

*Note: For Primary 1 - 'JC1 students registered with MOE to study Urdu as mother tongue in-lieu, must provide the photocopy of approval letter to be eligible for admission.

What does my child need to bring to Urdu school after enrolment?

Every student has to bring the following personal effects:

a) School bag

b) Completed homework

c) Stationeries

d) Urdu books

e) Homework diary

f) Jotter book/ writing pad

g) Water bottle (if required)

h) Packed lunch box for recess


Please print the child's name on every item for identification purposes (especially lower primary and Pre-Primary students).

Should I accompany my child to the school on first day?

Parents of students may accompany their child on the first day of school only. Once the child reaches his/ her class, please leave and allow your child space and time to settle down on their own. Your continued presence may make the adjustment difficult as your child would take a longer time to overcome separation anxiety.




Financial matters


Is there any financial subsidy available for school fees?

Yes, Financial Assistance Scheme is available for eligible students. Please check with the Admin staff in UDSS office for more details.

How much is the initial payment if I want to register my child for weekend Urdu classes?

The one time initial payment includes:

  • Registration fee (non-refundable) - S$40.00
  • School fees for Pre-Primary students - S$50
  • School fees for Pri 1 to Pre-Uni students - S$40 for Singaporean/ PR & $50 for DP-holder
  • Exam Fees - S$22 (SC)/ S$32 (PR)/ S$42 (DP)
  • Books and extra materials payment - Varies according to classes






Is UDSS registered with any government bodies?

Yes, UDSS is recognized by the Ministry of Education (MOE) to provide Urdu language instruction.


UDSS is a member of Board for the Teaching and Testing of South Asian Languages (BTTSAL) that oversees the curriculum development and examination setting for Non-Tamil Indian Languages (NTIL) in Singapore.

Do you provide transport for pupils?

No, we do not provide any transport, however, there are some private transport providers. Parents will need to liaise with them directly.

Will there be classes if a public holiday falls on a Saturday?

There will be no classes if a public holiday falls on a Saturday.

Will there be classes during school holidays?

Classes are conducted during the March and September school holidays. However in June, a 2 weeks school break MAY be given. This will be announced in due course.


There are no classes during the months of November and December.

What are my responsibilities as a Parent/Guardian?

  • Do not send your child to school when he/ she is unwell.
  • Check and acknowledge your child's   homework diary weekly.
  • Duly acknowledge circulars where applicable.
  • Maintain sufficient funds for school fees when  paying by GIRO.
  • Ensure your child reaches school on time in proper school uniform.
  • Provide excuse letter/ leave application if your child is unable to attend Urdu sclassesl due to any valid reason.
  • Make sure your child brings the required   stationery, books and completed homework.
  • For any academic matters please check with   your child's form teacher or with Vice Principal for other issues.
  • If you drive, please be considerate to other road users and the residents living in the vicinity.
  • When visiting the school, please proceed to the UDSS office for assistance. You are not allowed to visit your child’s class under any circumstance.


We look forward to your support and co-operation as together we can create a happy, peaceful and safe environment conducive to your child's learning.



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