Our Vision, Mission & Shared Values



Our Vision

Our vision is to be a distinguished Urdu Language education provider in Singapore, delivering high-quality language education in the most effective way.



Our Mission

Our mission is to offer our students an excellent learning environment by providing them with first-rate teaching materials. We provide a team of friendly, polite, dedicated and qualified teachers. This pleasant ambience will definitely create a productive learning experience. We aim to provide a conducive learning environment for our students and we are committed towards the satisfaction and well-being of each student.


Our Values


Our core values are to provide an environment conducive to the intellectual development characterized by innovative and outstanding:


  • teaching and curriculum;
  • service to students and community and
  • commitment to development of the Urdu language.



To provide each student with challenging education that fosters


  • Excellence
  • Initiative
  • Critical thinking
  • Team work
  • Communication


Through the language lesson, we hope to promote and instill life skills for individual achievement in:


  • education;
  • career and
  • moral and character development.

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