Weekend Centre 2024 - 06 January
Telok Kurau Primary School.
50 Bedok Reservoir Rd
Singapore, 479239
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Welcome to UDSS



Urdu Development Society (S’pore) runs weekend Urdu language classes from pre-school to pre-university. UDSS is a member of the Board for the Teaching and Testing of South Asian languages (BTTSAL) which is the governing body for the Non-Tamil Indian Languages taught in Singapore. 


UDSS aims to promote the notion of lifelong learning and to provide an avenue for pupils to improve their Urdu language skills or even learning Urdu as a new language. We are aware of the importance of communication in the present society and thus aspire to facilitate the process and encourage interaction between individuals by breaking down language barriers.


The school's Administrator and level coordinators oversee the school's development needs, manage academic and non-academic areas and conduct research on developing new approaches to improve the teaching quality and discipline standards. Our staff, who constantly receive training from registered practitioners from the education sector are committed to nurturing students in a warm and pleasant environment that enhances learning.


The Society tries its utmost best in meeting your needs and helping you to achieve your goals and objectives. In the course of doing so, we also believe in building a strong friendly relationship with students and parents.





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